Happy Birthday

Happy 1st Birthday to the CIC!

Our new logo

Our new logo

Yes, it really was a full year ago when we got our Companies House registration.

For both of us Ian’s, it has been a busy year trying to get things done around the bureaucracy and intransigence of other organisations.

Ian the IT has been struggling to get BT to give him any idea of when fibre optic cabling might come to the valley – although interestingly it seems to be much in evidence in the Grwyne Fechan and on the road towards Llanbedr.    {In fact Ian has been struggling with all things BT, one of which left the whole valley with crossed dead lines for a week or so.  Thanks very much BT!  Not Ian’s fault. }

He is now working with a local Broadband supplier who hopes to be able to supply something clever, which will help the lower part of the valley in the first instance, with the hope that it can be extended further as technology allows.

Ian the Environment has finally managed to get some work underway in respect of restricting off-road motor bikes.  After an initial false start, we obtained a £10,000 grant from Welsh Government which has been added to by £5,000 worth of installation costs by Natural Resources Wales (NRW) and new barriers and signs are being erected on the forest roads as I type.

We will be calling an AGM in the near future and hope to see all the Members for a good chat about where we go from here.

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