Carbon neutral?

This week has seen the coming on line of the third micro-hydro electricity generator in the Valley.  The three systems, all running off different streams that feed into the main Grwyne Fawr river, have a combined maximum power output of around 24KwH, which works out at about 576Kw a day or around 38Kw per household per day.  I reckon that this is plenty to run each house quite comfortably, which seems to make the Grwyne Fawr a Carbon Neutral (or even Carbon negative!) valley.

OK it doesn’t rain all the time – in fact it didn’t rain much all summer – but there are also a couple of Solar PV arrays which can pump 4KwH each into the system when the sun shines.

There are also proposals afoot for up to three more hydros, so we could become a major “green power station”!!!

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