Well at last it seems to be official that Fibre-optic Broadband (FTTP) is finally coming to the valley.

It’s been a long and somewhat tortuous process but we’ve got there! However this news comes with a ‘Valley Health Warning’, it’s not ALL of the valley that will benefit. In their infinite wisdom OpenReach and/or Welsh Government – they both appear to blame the other – have decided that the top third of the valley isn’t worthy enough to join the 21st Century.

Yes, you read that correctly. From Ty Hir on upwards there will be no FTTP, just the current expensive satellite!

One of the reasons for setting up the CIC in the first place was to lobby for better connection. We went through a number of alternative technology companies, all of whom disappeared without trace having seen the difficulty of the topography of the valley, and all who said that full fibre was the only answer.

I’m very pleased that our constant nagging at OpenReach and others has had success, but i’m really upset that they have decided to create a two-tier valley when it must surely only cost a fraction more to run the cables another mile or so.

We haven’t given up and negotiations will continue, but at the moment it’s not looking too good.

I’m not bitter! Oh go on, yes I AM!

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